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Drop off your kids campaign


  • Awareness campaign on social media platforms
  • Includes school visits to deliver the campaign message, by distributing flowers to parents during delivery

Campaign duration

  • Coinciding with the school year beginning

Campaign goals

  • Encourage parents to deliver their children to school
  • Reducing dependency on servants for delivering children
  • Use delivery time in dialogue with children
  • Enhance the positive impact on the child’s psyche as a feeling of security and pride
  • Urging officials to facilitate their employees to deliver their children

Campaign Methods and Techniques

  • Using social media platforms to deliver messages and expressive images
  • Cooperating with a number of influencers and activists
  • Using text messages (SMS)
  • Cooperate with a number of schools to organize a joint event whose goals are linked to the campaign of "Deliver your children" in the future
  • Announcing the campaign in all methods of media (printed, audio, and electronic)

Video about the campaign


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