"Help me" online

Aman provides this online service to answer abused child  by entering a mobile number or school name. We make it easier to determine the type of damage, by selecting an image, writing text, sending an image, or an audio message. A dedicated team communicates with the child to protect him.

"Help" app

AMAN provide a free mobile application produced in-house, targeting children that were subject to violence.


AMAN pays a great care about the confidentiality of the cases that reach us through the electronic application. All cases are considered confidential and subject to the review of a special committee concerned with the follow up with the cases and addressing possible means of extending help and assistance.


All information obtained are used to maintain proper communication with the reporter and never used for commercial purposes.


The application may request access to:

  • Camera: to capture a photo of the situation you were in.
  • Photo library: to choose a photo that explains the situation you were in
  • Mic.: to vocally record the situation you were in.
  • Location: to determine your geographical location.

We gather information through the facilities attached to our electronic applications to understand the situation you were subject to, and to avail better services to all users​.​