Welcome to Aman privacy policy​

By using this site or any electronic Application related to Aman center application, you trust us with your information, so the purpose of this privacy policy is to help you understand what data we collect, the reason & purpose for collection, So hopefully you'll find the time to read it carefully. 

The Privacy Policy indicates:

  • Data we collect, the reason & purpose for collection.

  • The files you can send and how to keep them

  • How to use that Data

  • Access requests 

  • Data Security 

  • the changes 

  • Product policies

The collected d​ata  

We collect Data through the attachments available in our e-applications and e-services to understand the situation and thus provide better services to all users.

The requested Files:

Files that may be requested

In that case of failure of electronic service as explained above to help us in understanding the situation, 

The user can submit the following attachments:

  • Voice recording to describe your situation.

  • A picture that clearly shows the nature of the situation in which it was exposed.

  • A letter that briefly describes the situation you were exposed to.

  • The mobile number so that we can later communicate with the concerned person about the reported situation and notify him of how to proceed with the committee in charge.

  • The user's location (optional), if the user who sends the communication wishes to send his or her location to assist him in the situation that he has been exposed to.

Note: All data and files that we receive through our electronic services are treated as private files and are only available to members of the Committee to follow up the cases to consider how to provide assistance and support.

How we use the data

We use the collected data from all of our services in order to communicate with the person, and are not used for any business or profit purposes.

Access requests

Our mobile applications may ask you allow access:

  • Camera: In order to take a picture showing the situation you were exposed to.

  • Photos gallery: To choose a picture showing the situation you have been exposed to.

  • Microphone: To record the position you have been vocalized.

  • Location: This is to determine the geographical location.

Information security

We work hard to protect users from unauthorized access, unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of Data in our possession.


We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. However, we will not diminish the rights guaranteed to you by applicable laws within the State of Qatar without your express approval. Also we will publish any changes to the privacy policy on this page.

Products policy​

​The following notifications show product-specific policies for specific products and services in AMAN center that you may be using: 

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