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Awareness campaign "Do not Touch Me" against harassment


  • Awareness campaign for children to prevent harassment
  • Target primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries
  • Provided by a dedicated team from Aman Center
  • Aims to teach children skills to protect themselves
  • To register for the campaign:

Campaign duration

  • The campaign is implemented annually, coinciding with the school year

Campaign goals

  • Raise children's awareness towards protecting themselves from harassment
  • Promote the positive values of children and their responsibility to protect themselves

Campaign Methods and Techniques

  • Interactive workshops in places where children gather
  • Field visits to schools and nurseries
  • Innovative publications
  • Competitions
  • Cartoon awareness films (Flash)
  • Talking robot
  • Anthropomorphic childhood figures
  • Masks for characters of (old man / veiled woman / normal woman / foreigner / child / smiling person)
  • Training bag to enable teachers (educators) to implement the campaign

Video about the campaign


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